Ivo Neame – piano
Jon Shenoy – clarinet ・ Tori Freestone – flute/tenor saxophone ・ Jason Yarde – alto saxophone ・ Shabaka Hutchings – bass clarinet
Jim Hart – vibes ・ Jasper Hoiby – bass ・ Dave Hamblett – drums

Yatra is bold, animated and highly developed, finding a fine state of balance between complexity and simplicity, eschewing the predictable so that the listener is forced to engage fully with the music. There are moments of beauty, introspection and humour all delivered with an exuberance only achievable by a band of this quality and class. Yatra is a personal journey of self-discovery for Neame, and one he is very happy to share.

“Yatra burns with an extremely organised energy, and seethes with cerebral passion. It marks Neame’s ascent to a stratospheric level as composer, arranger and bandleader.” – BBC MUSIC